Home Fried Boogaloo

We are a five piece Fort Collins, CO based band that specializes in Funk, Jazz, Go Go, and Boogaloo. We have been playing around Northern Colorado since 2014 and have a reputation for delivering performances with high caliber musicianship and style.  

Fusion Fest at Avogadro's Number 9/7/15 

This Labor Day we are playing the Funk & Jazz Fusion Fest at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins. We are extremely excited to be sharing the stage with the mighty Afrobeat band Atomga, Choice City Seven, and many others! 


Welcome to our new website. Please take a minute to peruse the pages, check out some photos, listen to and get free downloads of some tunes, and follow the links to like us on Facebook and Reverbnation so you can receive updates on events and performances. 

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