We Return to The Aggie!!!


Home Fried will be returning to The Aggie on Friday 12/2 where we will be opening for Rowdy Shadehouse! Check out a video from our last performance at The Aggie.

Mischief Night At The Whisk(e)y 10/30/15

ischief Night, for kids from South Jersey, is the night before Halloween where roaming bands of adolescents cause mischief and mayhem by terrorizing their neighborhoods. Pranks range from toilet papering houses and soaping windows to egging moving cars. This year…

10/9/15 Home Fried's Aggie Debut!

Home Fried will be making it Aggie Theater debut on Friday, October 9th by opening up for our personal favorites Analog Son and the mighty Atomga! Home Fried's set kicks off the night from 9-10. Get tickets here or if…

Fusion Fest at Avogadro's Number 9/7/15

This Labor Day we are playing the Funk & Jazz Fusion Fest at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins. We are extremely excited to be sharing the stage with the mighty Afrobeat band Atomga, Choice City Seven, and many others! 

Odell's Brewing Co. 6/24/15

Big fun at Odell Brewing Co. Lots of Fort Collins peeps came out for the Bike From Work Bash and the food from the Umami Food truck was awesome. We will be taking the next few weeks off but hope…